December 18, 2017

More Ways to Make Money Writing Online


Looking for more ways to sweeten the pot? Here are some additional ways to make money from writing:

Content/Article Writing:  Content creation is the heart of the internet, and there are thousands of sites looking for writers to help them keep their websites fresh and full. Beginners often get their start on sites like HubPages, but as you build up your online portfolio, you can move on to sites like, (humor), and, which all pay freelancers to provide quality content.

Copywriting:  This is how I got my start with writing — and learning how to optimally craft your words to coax and persuade can bring big bucks! Once you discover some time-honored principles and learn the formulas successful copywriters use to woo and wow their audience, you’ll have the skills you need to build a business … AND your bank account!

Two places to learn more about the art of copywriting:  1)  6-Figure Copywriting Course by AWAI; and 2) The Copywriter’s Handbook by Robert W. Bly.

Affiliate Marketing:  A big way bloggers make money with their own sites is through affiliate marketing. You simply write relevant content for your target audience, and then intermittently weave in recommendations or reviews of products that your readers will likely find useful.

Rosalind Gardner, an affiliate marketer from Canada, wrote what is considered by many to be the affiliate marketing bible. Her Super Affiliate Handbook gives a great foundation on the subject, and will walk you through the steps to you need to take to start passively earning when people click your links.

Another great resource (and by great, I mean FREE!) is the Online Entrepreneur Blueprint. This gem of a report walks you through an 11-step process of building your own online business that lets you generate passive income 24/7.

Build Your Own Email List:  This is where many writers leave money on the table – failing to develop an email list. By taking the time to grow a list, you create a tangible asset for your writing business — one that lets you connect and keep in touch with your fans and/or target audience.

Sites like Get Response, MailChimp, and aWeber  are email marketing platforms that let you reach out to your readers whenever you like. Just remember to treat your list like a valued friend, not a personal ATM. By offering relevant content, peppered with offers here and there, you’ll build credibility and loyalty as you build your online writing empire!

And if you’re not familiar with email marketing, you can learn more through this Autoresponder eCourse, which walks you step-by-step through the process of setting up and implementing your own email marketing machine.

Short Reports:  While eBooks are a great way to make money online, they can be labor intensive depending on how long of a volume (or series) you want to create. One great alternative is to learn how to create short reports that focus on one singular topic. These are popular with readers who don’t have the time or patience to wade through long works to get the information they need.

And while you can publish shorter works via Kindle Select, you can also learn to create and market your own short reports that turn your words into a money-making machine — again, passively 24/7. I’m a big fan of the short-report business model (aka, write once, profit forever), and you can see examples of some short reports here.