December 18, 2017

Why You Should Publish on Amazon


Gone are the days when authors were dependent upon needing an editor to like and approve of their work. In today’s e-reading world, the only opinion that really matters is that of your audience. Success stories like Amanda Hocking and John Locke prove that readers are willing to open their wallets and propel authors to success – even without the hallowed blessing and approval of an editor.

Today’s writers have an opportunity like never before to get their work off of their hard drive and out to the masses, and take control of their publishing destiny. If you’ve been on the fence about self-publishing, here are seven reasons why you should get started publishing on Amazon now:

1.  Ease & Speed of Publication: Let’s face it – no author wants to wait months to see their artistic endeavor actually brought to life. Traditional publishing requires months of lead time, whereas self-publishing on Amazon lets you have your work published and usually available the same day.

2.  Control as an Author:  Forget query letters, editorial requests, and rejection letters. In the world of self-publishing, YOU are in control! From concept to creation, it’s all in your hands. No more having your storyline hijacked and twisted into something different than you developed. Whichever ending you envision, it’s yours to publish as you like.

3.  Mammoth Marketing:   Amazon’s innovative “Customers who bought this item also bought …” suggestive selling model changed the scope of retail marketing, and continues to introduce buyers to relevant content they might not otherwise see – including yours!

4.  Earnings Potential:  In 2014, Forbes estimated that Amazon earned between $265 million to $530 million a year from e-books alone.  Don’t you want a piece of the e-Publishing pie?

5.  Seamless Delivery & Handling of Orders:  Once you upload your work and hit “Publish”, you can set and forget. Amazon takes over the heavy lifting when it comes to product delivery, sales & refunds, as well as depositing royalty payments into your account.

6.  Instant Reviews: Forget sending your traditionally-published book out and hoping someone takes the time to read it — and then more time to write a review! Amazon makes it easy for buyers to post a review (and even prompts them to do it via a reminder email a few days post sale.)

7.  A Rinse & Repeat Business System: Many authors have developed systems that let them churn out books on a regular basis (particularly in non-fiction, evergreen topics:  money, dating/relationships, and health & fitness) that provide a steady source of income — with each subsequent book becoming an additional revenue stream.

So what are you waiting for? Thousands of people have found success online via self-publishing on Amazon. Why not join their ranks (and put your what-ifs and might-have-beens behind you!)